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data load tool (dlt)

a python library that helps you automate the structuring, loading, and sharing of datasets

Get from unstructured data to analysis in minutes. Empower your team to analyze data autonomously. Ready for production from the get-go.

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From prototype to production

Everything you need to streamline how data flows to and from you

Unstructured data to analysis in minutes

Software applications produce unstructured data like JSON to communicate with other apps. Data in this form is not ready for analysis or decisions, so you need to explicitly structure it. Doing this ensures all downstream apps can always count on the data you produce to be safe and clean.

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Supporting a new generation of data practitioners who do things differently

For example, we are excited about how these folks are using DuckDB. They start simple on their laptops and only later create a data lake when it becomes necessary, bringing the DuckDB compute engine to wherever their data lives. dlt can be used along DuckDB at every step of this journey.

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We make it easy to adjust pipelines, so you can get the data you need

Previous generations of data pipelines limit data users to the API endpoints they support. If your organization creates a pipeline from Google Sheets but only later discovers that it needs to start ingesting named ranges, dlt makes it easy for Python practitioners to make this change.


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